What is whistleblowing protection?

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In New Jersey, there are laws protecting employees from wrongful termination. This is to ensure that their employment is based on their work ethic. It helps to establish that employees should not be terminated due to other relating factors that would contribute to wrongful termination. If employees come forward with information that they were wrongfully terminated, they will need evidence to support their case.

In some situations, employees may learn of unlawful conduct on behalf of their employer. If they happen to approach their employer about this conduct and are terminated later on, they may be able to present a wrongful termination case. This act is called retaliation. Retaliation by an employer is illegal under state and federal laws. Employees are protected under whistleblowing acts to speak up against illegal conduct by their employer.

How else can I wrongfully be terminated?

If you are wrongfully terminated due to discrimination, you may also be able to present your case. Discrimination can refer to a broad range of topics. These topics can include your race, gender, nationality, age, sexual orientation, disability and much more. If you are fired due to one of these reasons, it is illegal. There are laws in place to protect employees from discrimination in the workplace. Employees should be evaluated based on their ability to perform the tasks that are asked of them. Their personal history, personality traits or orientation should not be a reason for removal.

If sexual harassment is involved in your case, you should seek legal aid. By speaking up against sexual harassment, you are standing up for your rights in the workplace.

How can I seek help for a disciplinary hearing?

During a disciplinary hearing, you may be able to benefit through representation by a professional attorney. With our legal knowledge, we can ensure that your employer is not violating any of your rights. We want to ensure that you are not being taken advantage of. You may only be allowed to bring legal representation for certain companies and occupations. At a public entity, you may be able to acquire legal representation. For private entities, the circumstances may differ.

The dedicated and compassionate attorneys at Vigilante Law Firm, P.C. would be happy to provide you with assistance in your case and help you protect your future when so much is on the line. Contact us today to schedule a consultation so we can assess the specific circumstances surrounding your lawsuit.

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