How can a will plan for my estate?

A will is a legal document that ensures a person’s wishes regarding their estate are followed after they die. Probate proves the legality of the will and allows the court to distribute the assets as they are outlined in the document. Before the deceased individual passes, they will have previously assigned someone as an executor […]

What is probate?

During times of grief, individuals may be faced with a mix of emotions. The death of a loved one leads to a lot of emotional turmoil. Dealing with the idea of death in general is hard to think of. However, instead of avoiding it, it is better to plan for it. By planning for your […]

What is personal injury protection?

In New Jersey state, you can be entitled to compensation based on your motor vehicle accident and your injuries. The state has a Personal Injury Protection plan that is in place. This means that when you get involved in a motor vehicle accident your injuries are covered through this plan. For this plan, it doesn’t […]