What to Know About Identity Theft in New Jersey

Identity theft is an incredibly common occurrence and it affects many Americans. As a result, it is taken very seriously and comes with strict penalties. Read on for more information regarding identity theft in New Jersey, how it happens, what it entails, and what the punishments include. What is Identity Theft? Identity theft occurs when […]

Drug Court in New Jersey | What to Know

In New Jersey, there are different types of courts. For example, a minor will likely attend juvenile court. Additionally, there is a drug court for non-violent offenders who are charged with drug-related crimes. This allows offenders to enter a program that will allow them to be put on probation, rather than sent to jail. Additionally, […]

Probation Violations in New Jersey | What to Know

When someone is convicted of a crime in New Jersey, there are various punishments he or she may face. Sometimes, instead of going to jail for a crime, one may be sentenced to probation. Probation allows a person to serve his or her sentence within his community, under the supervision of a probation officer, instead […]

What if I Receive an Underage DWI Charge in New Jersey?

Many young adults anxiously await their 21st birthdays. In the United States, 21-years-old is the age at which one can legally drink alcohol. That being said, some choose to experiment with alcohol before they are legally allowed to purchase and consume it. Some of these underage drinkers will then choose to drive drunk, resulting in […]

Connecting With Women of Influence | Watch Attorney Vigilante Speak About Her Practice

Connecting with Women of Influence is video series that brings an opportunity to introduce local, dynamic women and learn more about them, their businesses, and what drives them every day to make a difference in their customers’ lives as well as the community. Watch Attorney Vigilante speak about her practice and how she helps her […]