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In New Jersey, there are different types of courts. For example, a minor will likely attend juvenile court. Additionally, there is a drug court for non-violent offenders who are charged with drug-related crimes. This allows offenders to enter a program that will allow them to be put on probation, rather than sent to jail. Additionally, this program will aid in recovery, and help the individual find employment, among other things. If you are unsure whether you are eligible for drug court, reach out to our firm today to discuss your case.

What is Drug Court?

Drug court is a special program for people who have a drug addiction and commit crimes.

Who is Eligible for Drug Court?

Non-violent offenders who have a moderate to severe substance use disorder are eligible.

How do I Know if I am Eligible?

If you are wondering whether you are eligible to participate in a drug court program, you should speak with your criminal defense attorney. Your attorney should be able to tell you more about your eligibility and help you begin the process. If your attorney deems you eligible, a substance abuse evaluator will do an assessment to decide clinical eligibility, and the prosecutor will evaluate criminal history for legal eligibility.

What are the Requirements?

Some of the requirements you will have to meet during the program include:

  • Attending treatment
    • There are different types of treatment. For example, a participant can go to detox, outpatient treatment, or residential treatment. The level of treatment is based on the participant’s clinical needs for recovery. Drug testing is involved.
  • At the beginning of the program, participants will be ordered to attend court weekly. As the participant moves through the program, he or she will be able to attend court less often.
  • Participants are required to attend self-help meetings. For example, participants may become involved in alcoholics anonymous (AA) or narcotics anonymous (NA).
  • The drug court team will work with each participant to obtain and maintain employment, education, or both.
  • Many participants have their driver’s license returned or get a driver’s license for the first time when they enter the program.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a drug-related crime, contact our firm today. We understand that people struggle with addiction and we want to help you get back on your feet. Drug court may be an option for you. Reach out to find out more about drug courts in New Jersey and whether you are eligible.

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