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Police Misconduct Defense

Police departments and individual officers are under the scrutinizing eye of the public and media. Unfortunately, law enforcement officers who are trying to do their jobs are often confronted by accusations of various infractions. The Vigilante Law Firm appreciates the service of our NJ law enforcement officers as they protect our rights and keep us safe. We are honored to defend police officers who face disciplinary actions or criminal charges in both states. While they protect our towns, we are proud to protect their rights. If you are a police officer who has been charged with a crime or an infraction that constitutes a disciplinary action, contact our firm. We will assess the case, guide you through your legal options, and effectively represent you in and out of court. Contact The Vigilante Law Firm for a consultation to discuss your legal matter.

Police Misconduct

A police officer’s job is a complicated one. They are an important part of our society as champions of the law and protectors of the innocent. While doing their jobs, they face a variety of obstacles that make it almost impossible to fulfill their every duty. In recent years, police have been scrutinized by the who watch sensationalized news stories of misconduct and abuse by law enforcement. Most of the force act with integrity and honor. These kind people risk their lives to protect our rights, keep our towns safe, and battle the issues of the day so we can live our lives in peace. When a police officer is accused of an unlawful act, it is important for them to consult an attorney. Some of the many accusations police misconduct officers face in the line of duty include:

  • Police brutality
  • Coercion
  • False arrest
  • Falsified evidence
  • False imprisonment
  • Racial profiling
  • Sexual assault
  • Substance abuse on duty

Contact an Experienced Police Misconduct Defense Attorney

The Vigilante Law Firm is honored to be a legal resource to police officers in New Jersey. Our firm proudly protects the rights and future of police officers. Through our engagement with the FOP and the New Jersey Police Benevolent Association Legal Protection Plan, our firm can fight for those who keep us safe.  Having the right legal protection when accused of misconduct that can impact your position as a model officer is imperative. In the eyes of the public, accusations are equally damning as charges and our firm is here to help. If you are a police officer accused of police misconduct, contact The Vigilante Law Firm for a consultation to discuss your matter further.

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