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Thanks for trusting The Vigilante Law Firm with your legal matter. At this point in time, the state and federal courts in NJ are still open for business. Some municipal courts have closed. We thought we would reach out to let you know how our office will be handling the recently announced state of emergency.

First, here’s what we ARE doing:

* WE ARE WORKING. Though our physical office is closed, the office phones will be answered during normal business hours. While we are working remotely, rest assured that your case will continue to receive our attention.

* All state and federal courts have electronic filing in place for several years. We are hopeful that the internet will continue to serve all of our needs even with more people and students using is on a regular basis.

* We are still accepting your referrals! New consults may be requested and information may be obtained from Facetime and Skype are always options.

* In the event courts close, cases will be rescheduled and we’re in constant contact with the Judges’ offices to get the information as soon as we can and pass it on to you. If you have an upcoming date, you will get a call and notification as soon as we get confirmation. As you can imagine, the courthouses are overwhelmed as are most government offices.

* We will be using social distancing to make sure that we don’t add to the potential spread of the virus. As such, all of our work will be done online and via online conferencing, phone calls, and scanning and emailing documents with both you and other lawyers. We can send documents to you to sign. Please be a good steward of your fellow humans and respect these temporary conditions.

* If you haven’t already done so, please like us on Facebook, where we will post announcements.

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