What rights do individuals in a nursing home have?

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Nursing homes can be a convenient form of living when people have grown elderly. They may not be able to live alone due to daily assistance that they may need. Nursing homes can be a great way to get the assistance they need while continuing to have their own independence. When individuals decide to live in a nursing home and first enter the environment, they should be aware of the rights they have in this new home.

Through the Nursing Home Reform Act, the federal government passed a set of guidelines that each facility must abide by to be considered legal. This act was passed to protect the quality of life for elders that enter into the care of a nursing home’s staff. Certain procedures are outlined to ensure that elders are treated properly and with the respect they deserve.

With this act in effect, there are required services, such as periodic assessments for each client, a care plan, nursing, dietary, social, pharmaceutical and rehabilitation services. All of these guidelines protect the rights of your family members that may be living in one of these homes.

Upon entering the nursing home as a place of residence, individuals should be given an explanation of what to expect while they are living there. They should be informed of their rights before they begin their habitation in this new environment. Services and fees should be in writing. Although these residents are now living in a nursing home, they still have a right to their own privacy. This includes keeping their own personal belongings, being informed of any conditions they may have and being able to deny any treatment.

What is considered unfair treatment in a nursing home?

It is important to talk to our elders and understand what kind of care they would like to receive if they are unable to live on their own. Some parents are able to live on their own and still remain efficient. However, others cannot do so due to a variety of health and safety concerns. They may be at risk of falling when no one is around or they may have health concerns. Due to these issues, it can be too difficult to bring older family members into your home and take care of them yourself. This is when nursing homes can be convenient. A nursing home can provide the care and attention that elders need so that they are able to live comfortably.

Unfortunately, abuse and negligence can be an issue in nursing homes. Some common forms of abuse include physical abuse through hitting, bed sores or ulcers from neglect, sexual assault and more. If you believe your loved one has been suffering in a nursing home, you have the right to pursue a lawsuit. These residents still have rights while living in this new environment.

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