How can repeated phone use while driving affect me?

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While drivers are operating a motor vehicle, they should have their eyes on the road. It is important that they are paying attention to their surroundings. They must remain aware of what is going on around them in order to avoid any kind of accident while driving a car. If they look away from the road, this can be a distraction that can cause an accident to occur. There are many traffic violations that can cause an accident if drivers were to commit them. Speeding has been proven to be dangerous since drivers may not be able to stop in time to miss hitting another car. Using your cell phone while driving can be another bad situation. This can cause you to look away from the road while you are browsing on your mobile device. When your eyes are away from the road for a few seconds, many things can change. You may become closer to another vehicle or a stop light may change colors. If your eyes are looking at your cell phone, you may not notice these things and instead, this can contribute to an accident.

In New Jersey, individuals can face various fines when they are charged with a traffic violation of using their cell phone while driving. If drivers have been charged with this previously, it can have even harsher effects. The fines may increase in value. For a first offense, drivers may face a fine between $200 to $400. For a second offense, there may be a fine from $400 to $600. A third or subsequent offense may cause a fine between $600 to $800. Continual charges can cause you to be given three points on your driving record. With points on your license, you may face more consequences, such as increased insurances rates.

What are other traffic violations?

Traffic violations consist of many offenses that can be seen as dangerous while driving. This can include driving with a suspended license, speeding, reckless driving, careless driving and more. With these charges, you can face various fines. These charges should not be taken lightly. If they pile up, they can cause even harsher consequences. Police officers are required to monitor the road to ensure everyone’s safety. By receiving a traffic violation, you are being warned to practice safer driving habits.

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