How can negligence occur in a nursing home?

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Sometimes older individuals need more care and attention than we can provide. Although we love our family, it can be nearly impossible to care for them on top of our everyday activities. This is when a nursing home can prove to be useful. In these facilities, elders can get the attention and care that they deserve. Whether they are unable to carry out everyday tasks on their own or they are highly capable, they may need certain services provided by a nursing home to ensure their well-being.

Unfortunately, negligence and abuse can still occur in a nursing home. If the staff is acting negligently, the residents may not be getting the care they deserve and need. They may not be getting services that they need that each nursing home is required to provide. If the resident needs excessive care due to medical issues, they may acquire bed sores due to the negligence they experienced. Negligence and abuse can both be seen in nursing homes. Although abuse may be more obvious, negligence can be something that is just as detrimental. Some common forms of abuse include physical abuse through hitting, bed sores or ulcers from neglect, sexual assault and more.

What rights do nursing home residents have?

When individuals enter a nursing home and plan on staying there, they should be told about the rights that they have in that nursing home. Upon entering, these residents should be informed of their rights to prevent any issues from arising. Under the Nursing Home Reform Act, there are certain standards that a nursing home must uphold. They have to provide services to their residents to ensure that their safety and health is of the utmost importance. These services can include a dietary plan, rehabilitation, nursing and more. With these services, residents are able to maintain a certain standard of living while having their independence.

If your loved one is in a nursing home, it is important to visit frequently and ensure they are being taken care of properly. These residents may not be able to speak for themselves or are afraid of the backlash they might receive if they do speak out. Keep an open line of communication so that they can inform you of any experiences they are concerned about.

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