Can weather affect a premises liability case?

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Premises liability cases can hold a property owner responsible for failing to maintain a safe area. As an owner of that land, they should make sure no hazards are present. These hazards have the ability to cause an accident. Someone can be harmed by a hazard and then they can seek liability on behalf of the property owner. Property owners have a responsibility to maintain a safe premises. The injured party may be able to prove that the property owner was negligent, making them responsible for the accident that occurred. These accidents can happen based on a variety of circumstances, which can include weather elements. The colder weather we are experiencing can lead to snow and ice. These weather elements are notorious for causing accidents, which in turn causes injuries. When it snows, property owners have a certain amount of time they are given before they have to remove snow. If they do not remove the hazardous conditions in this period of time and someone is injured, they can be held accountable. However, if an individual was injured before the time period of removing snow expired, they may not be able to hold the property owner responsible. They proceeded at their own risk instead of giving the owner time to remove the snow and take precautions to prevent slips from ice.

What can I gain from this case?

If you are the victim of a premises liability accident, you may be able to seek the accountability of the property owner. This may hold them responsible for negligence. If they are found to be negligent, they may have to pay damages to you. These damages can include economic and non-economic damages that can aid you financially. Economic damages can pay for medical bills that have piled up due to your injuries from the accident. It may also be able to cover the cost of your lost wages and lost future wages due to your time out of work. Non-economic damages can make up for emotional turmoil caused by the accident. When victims are involved in an accident, they may suffer emotionally as well as physically. This can lead to more money in damages to pay for their pain and suffering.

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