What Are the Consequences of Cocaine Possession in NJ?

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Of note, federal statute holds that cocaine is a Schedule II drug, which is a type of drug that has a high potential for abuse with some accepted yet restricted medical uses. This means that the state of New Jersey does not hesitate to punish those who are found in possession of cocaine, let alone found to be selling or trafficking it. Read on to discover the possible consequences of cocaine possession and how one of the experienced New Jersey & Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyers at The Vigilante Law Firm, P.C. can work to get these charges dropped.

What are the consequences of cocaine possession in the state of New Jersey?

Simply put, cocaine possession is categorized as a third-degree indictable offense in the state of New Jersey. The possible consequences that come with this are as follows:

  • A fine of as much as $35,000.
  • A prison term that may last anywhere from three to five years.
  • A driver’s license suspension that may last as long as six months.

Being found in possession of a smaller amount of cocaine may lead the New Jersey criminal court to assume that it is intended for personal use. However, a larger amount may drive the court to conclude that it is intended for distribution or even trafficking. Evidently, such accusations may come with harsher penalties; namely increased prison terms (i.e., up to a lifetime sentence) and higher fines (up to $500,000).

Is it possible to drop the charges placed against me?

Especially if this is your first offense for any drug possession, it is possible to drop the cocaine possession charges placed against you.

That is, your lawyer may fight on your behalf for a probation and diversionary program, such as a pre-trial intervention. Of note, this program serves as an alternative that may suspend, dismiss, and altogether keep your charges off your permanent criminal record. This is so long as you follow the program requirements in the given probationary period.

In addition, your lawyer may argue on your behalf in the presence of the New Jersey criminal court to have your charges dropped. The possible arguments that your lawyer may attempt are as follows:

  • Your lawyer may argue that you did not know that you were in possession of cocaine.
  • Your lawyer may argue that you would not have committed this offense if it were not for police intervention.
  • Your lawyer may argue that the cocaine obtained is not the same substance that was found on you at the time of your stop.
  • Your lawyer may argue that the arresting law enforcement officer conducted a search and seizure without a warrant or probable cause.

In conclusion, it is in your best interest to employ one of the experienced New Jersey criminal defense lawyers for your case proceedings. So please schedule your initial consultation with us at The Vigilante Law Firm, P.C. today.

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