How can police officer misconduct arise?

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Police officers work every day to ensure the safety of their communities and all those within them. They keep criminals off the streets. They protect the roads by making sure people are operating motor vehicles safely. Officers are respected members due to the nature of their job. Often times, they are putting their lives on the line to protect civilians. However, these officers make mistakes as well as any other human being. Other times, they are blamed for a wrongdoing that they may not have committed. As law enforcement, they are under scrutiny by the public and take on a big presence in the media. If you are an officer that has been accused of misconduct, we can help you. Contact our firm to learn more about your legal options and how we can assist. We appreciate everything you do for us and the community; it is our turn to take care of you.

When officers are on the job, they can face a variety of situations. In these situations, they have a code of conduct that they have to follow. Good officers will base their actions on the situation they are facing in order to ensure a smooth process and safe outcome. Sometimes these officers may be blamed for excessive force or other violations that go against their job. This can have a grave impact on not only their careers, but their personal lives as well. If you have falsely been accused, contact us to help protect yourself.

Some accusations of misconduct police officers face are police brutality, coercion, false arrest, falsified evidence, false imprisonment, racial profiling, sexual assault and substance abuse on duty. As an officer, you worry about your job and the situations you face. You should not have to worry about going through the legal process alone. We can help guarantee that you receive the best representation to defend your honor. Our engagement with police forces has given us the utmost respect for police officers. Just an accusation can cause harm in the eyes of the public. Our firm can make sure you do not face life-changing consequences.

The dedicated and compassionate attorneys at Vigilante Law Firm, P.C. would be happy to provide you with assistance in your case and help you protect your future when so much is on the line. Contact us today to schedule a consultation so we can assess the specific circumstances surrounding your lawsuit.


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