Can traffic violations result in fines?

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Traffic violations may not seem serious but they can have damaging effects. When you are faced with a traffic violation, you can be charged with various fines that may add up to create financial troubles. This can be harmful to your driving record. Not only may you be given a ticket, but your insurance premiums may also rise. Traffic violations can consist of driving while using a cell phone, reckless driving, careless driving, driving with a suspended license and more. If you are issued a traffic violation, you can seek the counsel of an attorney to help you with the process. Our professional attorneys may be able to argue your case to provide a better outcome.

Do repeated offenses affect me more?

As traffic violations pile up, drivers may find that they are given harsher penalties. They may face higher ticket charges or more fines. They could even have increased insurance premiums with more violations. In some serious cases, individuals may have their license suspended for a number of months. This can seriously alter their life if they are unable to get to work or wherever they need to be. By continuing to repeat traffic violations, you are putting others at risk on the road and yourself. This can create accidents to occur and lead to hazards that cause terrible injuries.

What is the point system?

As traffic violations accrue over time, you may be faced with points on your driving record. In New Jersey, if you are faced with 11 points on your driving record, your license may be suspended. This is to punish you for your unsafe driving. Driving is a privilege. It should not be taken for granted and it should be done carefully since your actions can affect others. The point system correlates directly to how many miles per hour over the speed limit you are charged with driving. When these individuals are faced with speeding tickets, points can be added onto their license to signify their offense and their dangerous driving habits. This can cause an increase to payments that you may have to make.

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